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If Anything Happens To The Cat is a five-piece indie orchestra from Belgium. Their music is an unpredictable mix between post-rock, shoegaze and indie rock. Every song is a journey: through intertwining layers of guitars and synths, past flashes of vocals and guest instruments, often culminating into crushingly emotional climaxes.

In 2012 they recorded a first demo-EP in their rehearsal room, resulting in live shows all over Belgium and the Netherlands. Since their first show they have had the honour of opening for bands like Maybeshewill, This Town Needs Guns, LITE, Her Name is Calla, Immanu El, Our Ceasing Voice and Wild Dogs in Winter.

The band's first studio album 'Sun Drunk Moon' was released on October 9th 2014 at a sold-out release show in one of the biggest clubs in their hometown Ghent. The album has been described by critics as a unique, adventurous and technically masterful take on the post-rock genre.

Their second album was recorded in the second half of 2016, and was given an exclusive preview during their tour through mainland China! The release is currently planned for 2017.


Drum | Vocals

Vocals | Bass

Guitar | Synth

Guitar | Pocket Piano

Guitar | Vocals

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